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Packaging Cost Models

Packaging "Should Cost" Model Software

We originated this strategic procurement tool in 2004.  

We have used our Model Software on more than 2800 client packages.  

Our Models are fast and accurate.

Our Models are very user friendly and come with an extensive User Guide which helps users accurately frame current cost breakdowns and what each cost bucket should cost.  

Robust and accurate tables about how to frame inputs for machine hourly rates, raw material costs, line speeds etc. are provided to ensure accuracy for your specific packaging requirement.

It is not unusual for us to identify 20% plus in cost improvement potential for large and small companies.

Models may be used by an unlimited number of individuals in your company within the User Agreement.  

Our models can accommodate a number of different currencies and purchase units as indicated in the screen shot below. 

The models are equipped with drop down menus for material selection.  Material consumption is automated from tables built into the software.  

Printing data is a key strength of our Models. The screen shot below illustrates how our Models automatically calculate ink consumption and print cost using the number of colors, type of ink, % coverage;  print substrate; print technology and ink price / lb. 

Ink & Coating Cost Inputs & Outputs

Model Types

Corrugated Containers


Metal Cans

Flexible Packaging

Thermoform Trays

Plastic Bottles



Folding Cartons



Cost Effectiveness

Pac Pro Cost & Optimization Models are highly cost effective. Model prices start at just $6995. There is no additional licensing or multi-user costs. Training is included. All Model updates for the first 12 months are included. 

Customization to your specific needs is highly cost effective.