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December 2023 Metal Cans News

In our September and October Reports we coached metal can buyers to move on annual contracts for tinplate / tinplate food can prices for contracts for 2024.  We had warned our subscribers about the impact of annual agreement negotiations which drive metals positions for the contract year.  This causes a crowded market and significantly higher prices around year-end.  This tends to occur every year.  And it has happened again in 2023.  Spot tinplate has moved higher by about 10% as steel coil prices have shot higher on demand driven by 2024 annual agreements.  The Hot Rolled Band futures market is backwardated by about 19% in the first half of 2024.

There are other factors impacting tinplate at present.  Strikes in the U.S. automotive industry have ended increasing near term demand for overall steel coil requirements.  Tinplate utilizes a specialized grade of steel coil, but the near term demand in other market segments is driving short term shortages.  The U.S. Commerce Department has slapped preliminary anti-dumping duties on tinplate imports from Germany, Canada and China.  This will tighten the U.S. tinplate market but will cause greater supply in Europe.  

Aluminum Can Stock
Can stock was fractionally higher in North America but declined by more than 1/2% in Europe because of exchange rates for the Euro.

Aluminum Can Stock in Asia was higher by more than 1%.

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