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October 2022 Raw Material Update
We provided some strategy recommendations on tinplate negotiations for 2023 in a recent report.  

North America
Tinplate spot prices have been declining in sympathy with lower steel coil prices over the past six months.
Import tariff rate quotas have been exhausted for key import countries such as the Netherlands and Germany.  This has caused import tinplate prices to spike in Q3 2022.  

Aluminum can stock has corrected downward for several months on weaker demand and the strength in the $USF.

Tinplate spot prices declined coming into Q4.  Input costs for steel coil have declined sharply but energy costs remain a concern going into winter 2022/23

Aluminum can stock has been soft for several months but strengthened on exchange rates coming into Q4.

Tinplate prices were flat in October.  Tinplate producers are attempting to retain better margins enabled by softer steel coil input costs.

Aluminum can stock prices in Asia changed modestly coming into Q4 on soft international demand for aluminum and the end of the summer beverage season.
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