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Tinplate can cost improvement opportunities are the subject of our strategy and cost reduction recommendations in the February edition
of the Pack Trax Report.  We uncover potential cost improvement of up to 11%
North America
Tinplate spot prices slumped through the second half of 2022 but spot prices were stronger on input costs in January 2023.

The annual contract price for tinplate declined by 7% for 2023 on much softer input costs and cost-competitive import supply.

US Steel will close a tinplate operation in California at the end of 2023 and that will tighten supply in the U.S. west.

Aluminum can stock prices will be higher by more than 5% in 2023 on stronger aluminum demand early in the year and $USF weakness.

Tinplate spot prices declined coming into Q4 but have strengthened recently.  Contract prices will be flat to up marginally in 2023.  Energy inputs
and upstream steel supply continue to be issues in Europe.  
Import tinplate from China has begun to be a factor in Europe.

Aluminum can stock will be modestly higher in Europe for 2023.

Tinplate prices enter 2023 on a firmer note.  Prices are far below levels in Europe and North America and that could create export opportunities.   Octobe
Tinplate is projected to be more than 5% on average in 2023 for Asia.

Aluminum can stock prices in Asia will be higher by more than 5%-6% for 2023 even though aluminum production in China has moved strongly upward.

Here is a sampling of information that other sources don't provide
Actual prices for annual contracts and spot tinplate rather than indices
Import Prices for major exporting nations
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Example tinplate can cost breakdowns
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Tinplate supply & demand
Metal can market data
Decorating costs

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Metal can market data
Primary aluminum supply and demand history and projections
Accurate primary and scrap aluminum projections
Accurate Forecasts for can stock prices 
Decorating Costs
Metal Can Cost Models
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software that is designed for packaging procurement
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