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February 2023 News for Paper Labels
C1S Label Paper prices were stable in all regions for February but there is considerable downward pressure on paper prices in Europe 

Forecast Update Highlights for C1S Label Papers
North America
C1S Label paper prices began to soften in Q4.  This will continue into Q1 and strength will not return until the fresh-pack season in Q3 2023

After strong performance on supply difficulties, C1S Label Paper prices softened in December on weak demand.  Soft demand will persist through Q1 2023
before demand picks back up.  Net, we believe C1S will be slightly lower on average in 2023 than current prices.

Latin America
Lightweight Coated Papers should be fairly stable in 2023  on softer pulp prices and cost effective imports.

Coated paper prices have stabilized in Asia and will move higher by 3% to 5% in 2023.