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Bottles & Closures
May 2022 Raw Material Update

Here is a recap of price changes for Bottle & Closure Materials for May 2022 

North America
HDPE blow molding resin Flat  PE resin producer price increase has not succeeded
PP Injection molding resin -3% on softer polymer grade propylene monomer (PGP)
PET Bottle Resin Flat
PVC Bottle Resin +2%.  

Latin America
HDPE +2%
PP +2%

HDPE Resin -3%
PP -1%
PET Bottle Resin +2%
PVC Bottle Resin N/C
Polystyrene    +1%

HDPE -3%
PP -5%
PET Bottle Resin +4%
Polystyrene -1.5%

Southeast Asia
HDPE -6%
PP +6%
PET +5%

The 2022 Packaging Material Cost Forecast Update was completed in late January. This 325 page report has become an important part of purchasing and budgeting for more than half the top 25 Food and Consumer Products companies. 

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