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Bottles & Closures
Flat in North America
Lower in all other regions

Up by 6% in North America
Down in Latin America by about 2%
Lower fractionally in Europe on weak demand and lower energy inputs
Up by 7% in China but down by 4% in Southeast Asia

Unchanged in North America on relatively benign input costs
Up by more than 2% in Europe but down by 1% to 4% in Asia and Southeast Asia

Unchanged in North America but down in Europe.
Higher by 3% in China.

Flat in North America but higher by more than 5% in Europe on energy inputs in late October
Higher by close to 2% in China.

The 2024 Packaging Material Cost Forecast was completed in late June. This 328 page report has become an important part of purchasing and budgeting for more than half the top 25 Food and Consumer Products companies worldwide.

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