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May  2021 Raw Material Update
LLDPE resin prices have been impacted by supply outages in all regions.  LLDPE resin moved higher in North America;  15% higher in Latin America;  9% higher in Europe; but declined by 4% in Asia.  Ethylene and polyethylene production continues to come back on line after the ice storms in the U.S. but spring maintenance curtailments continue in all regions.

Cost Improvement Recommendations in Pack Trax
In the April edition of Pack Trax we recommend methods of tightening specification management for PE sealant and overwrap films which has the potential to reduce costs by up to 4%.  This is a tactic that works no matter which way PE resin prices are moving.

New Features
Pack Trax has introduced the first Ink Input Cost Reference Index.  This tracks overall ink inputs in reference index form.  Ink input costs are higher in November and December on stronger prices for pigments and initiators.

We have also introduced another new feature, Price Tracker.  This feature provides subscribers with a three to five year price history for resins and films for all regions.  

Pack Trax is one of the few publications which tracks pricing for PE films.

Pack Trax Flexible Packaging Reporting
We report flexible packaging films more thoroughly than any other source.  PE films for  all types of over wraps and sealant films are reported each month for captive and market film purchases by packaging converters.
Examples of data unique to Pack Trax
Extensive resin price tracking using actual prices paid rather than inflated indices or reference prices
Vertically integrated and market film price reports
Cost improvement recommendations
Specification management advice
Flexible Packaging Cost & Optimization Models
Pac Pro cost and optimization models are a highly effective
procurement tool.  Models are simple to use and drop down
menus allow the user to simply select a variety of structures from
simple to complex with a click.  Virtually all types of substrates
and adhesives can be selected from drop down menus.
Units of measurement are easily selected which allows you to
build models for units, M units, MSI, MLF etc.  European structures can also be selected.  Pouches can also be modeled.

The optimization module and our extensive User's Manual helps you to breakdown your packages down by individual cost driver and optimize each driver to place you in a position to lead supplier performance management.