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Each Pack Trax Report discusses potential cost reduction for one packaging category.  This is content you simply cannot
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In our November 2023  Report we outline risks of supplier exploitation and how to position your business more positively with your supplier(s).  We set out several examples of how negative perspective harms your results and how more positive positioning can improve your supply assurance, cost improvement and competitive advantage for your company.

 This is information you simply cannot get anywhere else.

Pack Trax is the only publication written from the perspective of the packaging buyer.


Dec 1, 2023    News December 2023
Our November 2023 Monthly Report was recently published. Each month we devote a section of our Report to packaging related sourcing strategy and cost reduction by packaging category. The November report defines the risks and opportunities inherent in suppliers / supply base perspectives on the strategic / tactical approach to your business. Using a simple 4-box model we define the characteristics which encapsulates supplier perspectives from negative to positive and how this impacts procurement success. We also provide specific examples from our extensive work in the packaging industry which illustrates this in action. We pay particular attention to the consequences of risks associated with purchasing tactics which result in potential exploitability by suppliers. Naturally we also point to breakthrough results which can result from highly positive strategic or tactical positioning in supplier perspective.