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Packaging Cost Reduction
Welcome to Pack Trax.  Pack Trax is a subscription service that helps deliver packaging cost reduction.  Our mission at Pack Trax is to provide food, consumer and pharmaceuticals companies with business intelligence about packaging you simply cannot find anywhere else. 

We believe that Pack Trax has the most complete set of resources for packaging end users.  That is why half the top 25 food, consumer and pharmaceuticals companies rely on Pack Trax as a trusted information provider.

Our value proposition begins with the annual Packaging Material Cost Forecast.  The 2023 Packaging Material Cost Forecast is the most comprehensive forecast of packaging raw materials available.   
Monthly reports provide updates on packaging material markets using actual prices rather than indices or inflated reference prices.  This is one of the primary sources of improvement.  Getting prices, and price changes right is a source of real improvement.
We go further than that.  Monthly Pack Trax Reports deliver proven cost and quality improvement recommendations.  We provide complete cost and quality improvement analysis twice yearly for each packaging category. 
"Price Tracker" is included as part of our subscription service.  "Price Tracker" captures the price movements for approximately 40 different packaging raw materials for Asia, Europe and North America from 2013 to the present.  "Price Tracker" is presented in Excel format so subscribers may easily generate charts.  This represents the most comprehensive price report.  Paper, metal packaging, all resins, flexible films, boxboard and containers are tracked.  
We can also provide you with proprietary Should Cost Models  for virtually every type of packaging.  These models are highly robust and based on extensive knowledge of packaging supplier costs.  The Optimization facility in our Cost Models help you to define what your packaging Should Cost.  You may purchase our models "off the rack" or customized to your unique needs.  
A  PackTrax subscription is also a smart investment in training focused on cost reduction and quality improvement, delivered the right way.  Our 100% focus is packaging, primarily for food, consumer and pharmaceuticals products companies. This sharp focus enables us to deliver advice that is practical and proven.

We also provide the support of one of our 4 Packaging Development Engineers to work on new product sourcing, cost improvement projects etc. Projects range from just a few days to several months. Each of our PDE's has authoritative experience in packaging development and optimization.  They have chosen for their ability to fit quickly and seamlessly into client operations as bolt on resources.  
What does a Subscriber Receive? 
1.  Comprehensive 2023 Packaging Cost Forecast covering all categories recently completed.  This 328 page report is the most comprehensive analysis available. 
2.  Monthly Package Sourcing Action Reports that deliver unrivaled cost reduction and quality improvement recommendations.
3.  Monthly Cost Updates and tracking vs. Forecast for all packaging raw materials.
4.  A complete Forecast Update prepared in January of each
Who Should Subscribe to PackTrax  Reports?.

Packaging procurement or other professionals who want to outperform market volatility  through better knowledge, new tools and advanced techniques.
Companies who recognize the power of better cost data for supplier negotiations.
Companies who need to reduce cost volatility as a means of achieving tangible competitive advantage.
Companies who want to improve their forecasting and budgeting accuracy, and need advance intelligience on emerging trends.
Senior management who need to drive sustainable cost improvement.
Organizations who want to provide their resources with valuable coaching and development.
Companies who are concerned about the high cost of research and subscriptions and the lack of real deliverables.
Companies who recognize the importance of continuous supplier performance improvement.
Lean / Six Sigma leaders who want to improve their effectiveness working across
organizational boundaries with suppliers.
Subscriptions begin at just $995 USF for 12 months.  

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