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Flexible Packaging
February 2023
Flexible packaging resins such as LDPE and LLDPE increased by about 3% in North America and Latin America in February. 
PVC, OPP and PET films declined coming into Q1 2023 and were flat in February.  We update OPP and PET film
prices at the beginning of each calendar quarter.

In Europe, most resins continued to soften as Europe played catchup with other regions in early 2023.  LLDPE was
flat to modestly higher in mid-February.

Aluminum foil was higher by about 2% in February on softer Euro exchange rates.

Most flexible packaging resins moved upward in China and Southeast Asia in February.

Highlights from the Pack Trax 2023 Packaging Material Cost Forecast Update / January 2023
Most materials softened into year end 2022.  Resin prices have been softening in all regions in the latter part of 2022 but that trend is coming to an end.

Paper prices have begun to soften in North America and Europe after strong price gains over the past couple of years.

PET and OPP film prices have weakened on tepid demand in packaging and lower input costs.

Aluminum foil has been soft for the past few months but that trend has ended as we enter 2023.

EVOH and Nylon prices have been exceedingly volatile over the past year but softened into year end 2022.

Ink prices have stabilized at year end.

Price Tracker
Price Tracker provides subscribers with a six to seven year price history for all materials for North America, Europe and Asia.  We continue to add materials all the time.  We recently added a price set for Southeast Asia.  This data is provided in spreadsheet format so you can build charts and presentations.

Price Tracker is an indispensable tool for managing supplier packaging price changes based on raw material input costs.