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May 2022 Price Changes
The most dramatic changes in May were on aluminum foil which corrected downward by 8% to 10% in all regions as the primary aluminum market adjusted after a sustained period of record prices.

North America
LDPE Resins    Flat
LLDPE Resins Flat  PE price increase did not succeed
OPP Films               N/C  Prices are reset quarterly
PET Films N/C   Prices are reset quarterly
PVC Shrink Films N/C
EVOH                      N/C 

Latin America
L/LLDPE Resin          LDPE up modestly but LLDPE higher by 4% to 5%.

LDPE / LLDPE  Resins down by about 2.5% in May
Aluminum Foil -6%
Coated Paper          +3%

L/LLDPE Resin        -1.5% to as much as -6% 
Aluminum Foil         -% 10%

Price Tracker
Price Tracker provides subscribers with a six to seven year price history for all materials for North America, Europe and Asia.  We continue to add materials all the time.  We recently added a price set for Southeast Asia.  This data is provided in spreadsheet format so you can build charts and presentations.

Price Tracker is an indispensable tool for managing supplier packaging price changes based on raw material input costs.