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Aluminum can stock prices are lower in February in North America and Europe but were modestly higher in Asia.

Tinplate imports to the U.S. had been running at 600,000 MT's / year but have declined over the past several months because of tariffs.
 Imports from the Netherlands and Germany have held up fairly well.  We report import prices from all major exporters each month in Pack Trax.  

Tinplate prices are stable in Asia as Baoshan has held prices stable.  Indications are that Asian tinplate prices will move higher in March.
2019 Packaging Material Cost Forecast Highlights for Aluminum Can Stock and Tinplate

Aluminum can stock is being buffeted by exchange rates and stronger metal demand for primary aluminum in automotive and aerospace.  Tariffs in the U.S. is also inflationary for tinplate and aluminum.  U.S. domestic net prices for tinplate now are at parity to the average import price including tariffs from major producing countries such as Canada, Germany and the Netherlands.  
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Actual prices for annual contracts and spot tinplate rather than indices
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Metal can market data
Decorating costs

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Metal can market data
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Decorating Costs
Metal Can Cost Models
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