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Corrugated Containers
Containerboard prices are stable in North America and Europe but there is upward pressure on Kraft Liner prices in Asia.
The gap between virgin and recycled linerboard prices in North America have moved to a broader spread as virgin linerboard prices have achieved a greater portion of announced price increases than recycled linerboard.  Medium prices are higher on strong capacity utilization.
Several containerboard producers have recently issued price increase notifications of 8% on boxes and 10% on sheets.  Generally it is more difficult to achieve non-indexed price increases in the market and there is a lag time on downstream packaging products.
Containerboard prices are, for the most part, stable in Europe and Asia although kraft liner prices did move higher in Asia during April
2018 Packaging Material Cost Forecast Update Highlights for Containers
Our 2018 Forecast was completed in June in time for budgeting for 2018.  At that time we had projected a third increase will partially succeed in Q4 2017 or Q1 2018. This has now been confirmed.