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November 2017

Corrugated Containers and Boxboard 
We were the first publication to project the shortage of old corrugated containers (OCC) in 2015.  OCC has been supporting price 
increases on Containers and Recycled Boxboard.  A third container increase within a year is a definite possibility as e-commerce has driven demand.  A recent report suggested that Amazon was now International Paper's largest customer.
Recycled boxboard prices have been extremely volatile in Europe and Asia.

PET & OPP Films prices have been buffeted by volatile resin prices and currency exchange.  Structural over-supply will remain for the next couple of years.  Consolidation needs to continue, particularly in PET films.  

Aluminum items such as can stock and aluminum foil have moved higher over the past few months on stronger primary aluminum prices because of a supply / demand imbalance.

Tinplate prices have begun to accelerate once again after correcting in mid-2017.  Pricing from the market leaders in China Baoshan and Meishan has been aggressively stronger.

Paper prices have been on an upward trend for the past 6-7 months, particularly in Asia.  Demand for coated paper has been declining for several years but the decline has lessened recently.  Industry rationalization, particularly in North America will drive prices over the next 12 months.  


Nov 1, 2017   November 2017 News
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