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January 2018

2017 Year in Review
Four major themes were responsible for packaging raw material price volatility in 2017.
1.  Inflationary pressures on steel coil and tinplate prices
2.  Ink input costs such as solvents, pigments and glycerine
3.  Pulp prices 20% higher year over year
4.  Import restrictions on import recycled paper and board have roiled container and boxboard markets in all regions.
December Highlights
HDPE resin continue to correct downward and have reversed most of the hurricane premium by the end of December.  New capacity coming to market is further dampening price expectations.
Polypropylene resins remain at near high levels for the past few years.  Inputs are elevated and there is little new capacity coming on stream in most markets.
Ink input costs have reached unprecedented inflation over the past year and most ink companies have significant price increases underway for 2018
Aluminum can stock and foil prices moved slightly lower in North America and Europe but inched higher in Asia in December.

Tinplate prices have begun to accelerate once again after correcting in mid-2017.  Pricing from the market leaders in China Baoshan and Meishan has been aggressively stronger.

Paper prices have been on an upward trend for the past 6-7 months, particularly in Asia.  Demand for coated paper has been declining for several years but the decline has lessened recently.  Industry rationalization, particularly in North America will drive prices over the next 12 months.  


Mar 1, 2018   February 2018 News
We have prepared an initial cut at new U.S. tariffs on aluminum and steel impact on tinplate and beverage cans. We recently published the Pack Trax 2018 Packaging Material Forecast Update, January 2018. Through January of 2018 our Original 2018 Forecast, prepared in June of 2017 has proven accurate to within 3% overall. After the sharp decline in crude oil and petrochemicals our Original Forecast is remarkably accurate with the exception of currency exchange surprises and governmental actions in some regions. For a Free Trial please use the Sample Requests screen on this website. Or you may order a copy of the Forecast Update from ReportLinker.