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Coated Recycled Boxboard prices have moved higher coming into Q3 as part of the price increase moves through more customers. CUK boxboard prices will likely move higher later in Q3 as the tow major producers have announced price increases. Uncoated Recycled Boxboard prices are poised to move higher in Q3 on the strength of a price increase announcement from most producers. Boxboard costs are flat in Europe although there are expectations of a price increase in the weeks ahead. Coated Ivory Board prices in Asia have been very volatile and continued to inch downward further in July. Premium Gray Back board has inched lower in Asia although commodity grades of GB Board have held steady in July.

Coated recycled boxboard (CRB) prices were stable in North America and Europe in April, but commodity gray back boxboard moved up in Asia.
Coated Unbleached Kraft (CUK) boxboard prices moved higher in North America.  This is the strongest grade of boxboard at present.