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March 2018 Update

Coated recycled boxboard (CRB) and coated unbleached kraft boxboard (CUK) increased in North America as a portion of the nominated price increase was pushed through to some packaging buyers.  SBS boxboard prices have remained stable, but a price increase is on the table.  Boxboard price increases can take 3 to 6 months to implement.  CUK boxboard has experienced the strongest demand in North America and packaged food demand continues to impact CRB and SBS demand.  Rationalization of the boxboard industry and mill closures in CRB are tightening the market in 2018.
Virgin boxboard , FBB in Europe and Coated Ivory Board in Asia were stable in March.  Considerable volatility has been present in the Asian market over the past 4-5 months.
Recycled boxboard prices were stable in Europe in March.
Commodity Grey Back boxboard was stable in Asia in March but premium GB declined during the month.