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Folding Cartons
July 2017 Update

Upward price pressure for many grades of boxboard continues.  Coated recycled boxboard prices have increased in all geographies.  A second round of price increases has been announced in North America.

White Lined Coated Boxboard prices increased by close to 10% in Europe from Q1 to the present. 

After increasing sharply in the first half of 2017. Grey back boxboard has stabilized in Asia.

FBB Boxboard prices in Europe were flat from June levels.

In Asia, Coated Ivory Board prices were stable but are higher than Q4 by 11%.

2018 Packaging Material Cost Forecast Highlights for Folding Cartons  
SBS demand and prices have been fairly stable but supply is being reduced to balance markets.
CRB Boxboard is experiencing upward pricing in all geographies because of recycled paper input costs. This is most pronounced in Asia.