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February 2018 Raw Material Update

We recently introduced a new feature, Price Tracker.  This provides subscribers with a three year history on materials for all regions in spreadsheet format.
PE resin producers have announced a $.04 / lb. increase for February in North America but have not achieved the full implementation as of the third week of February.  A second round of increases would appear to be in trouble unless petrochemical prices change and seasonal maintenance causes fundamentals to shift.  
Polypropylene resins did not increase as much as some reports had suggested thus far in 2018.  Whereas some reports have indicated a 15% to 20% increase, our assessment is that PP resins have moved upward by less than 10% in January / February after a sharp decline in mid-February for propylene monomer.

The 2018 Packaging Material Cost Forecast Update was recently published in January of 2018.  This 279 page report has become an important part of purchasing and forecasting for more than half the top 25 Food and Consumer Products companies. 

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