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North American PET and OPP Film prices were stable in October but a new price increase initiative for November is underway for PET films.

LLDPE resin and films are the strongest grade of PE materials coming out of October and prices have moved up by about 2%.  Other grades of PE were stable in October.

The impact of tariffs has now rippled through to North American aluminum foil prices.  Mid-October aluminum foil prices were down marginally in October on strength in the U.S. exchange rate.

European PE resins and films increased by 1% to 1.5% in October.
PP resins increased in Europe in October but have softened since.

European OPP films moved higher by1% for October on stronger resin inputs.

OPP film prices moved higher by about 2.5% in Asia for October.

Price Tracker
Price Tracker provides subscribers with a five-year price history for all materials for North America, Europe and Asia.  We continue to add materials all the time.  This data is provided in spreadsheet format so you can build charts and presentations.

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